Ibiza Nightlife

Nightlife in Ibiza is something that you have to experience to truly appreciate. Arguably nowhere else on the planet comes close to matching Ibiza’s great variety of bars and clubs and the general atmosphere in the night air. This is the party isle.

A refreshing drink on the famous sun-set strip in San Antonio, a cocktail in the trendy setting of Ibiza Town’s Sa Marina district or a rave in one of the island’s super-clubs; the island has it all…and much much more. Las Vegas might have trademarked the phrase, ‘What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’, but a similar idiom could be used for Ibiza.

Las Dalias

Welcome to Las Dalias where you can enjoy the colourful North of Ibiza at its best. Restaurants, bars and the legendary hippie market await you in its wonderful garden, open throughout the year.

Linekers Bar

Linekers Bar in San Antonio Bay somewhat typifies what this world-famous bar chain is striving to achieve; A stylish and entertaining venue which attracts a buoyant and attractive crowd.